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Below you will find information on Price, Payment, How does it work, Preparing for your mural, About the materials and contact information.

If you want to see examples of my murals then head over to my Portfolio!

I love to create large paintings, so interior walls are my ideal canvas!
Murals are a great way to add some colour and a unique design to a space.
Don’t worry if you’re not creative,  just let me know any ideas that you have and I can put together a design for you.

The price will depend on the design and on the size. The larger and more detailed the design, the more costly it will be as it will take longer to complete and require more materials.

Murals on different surfaces, e.g. a cupboard door, will cost slightly more compared to the same design on a wall, as there is more preparation that needs to be done for these more difficult surfaces.

Please contact me for a specific quote for your future mural. There is no obligation to go ahead with the mural after you receive your quote.

I require a 50% deposit when booking in your mural. This is to reserve the agreed time for me to paint your mural and to allow me to purchase materials for your mural.

The remainder of the balance can then be paid upon completion of the mural.

Payments can be made either in cash or through a bank transfer. I will give you my bank details once we have agreed a date to start your mural.

How does it work
You have decided you would be interested in having a mural. Great! But now what?
First of all you will contact me through your preferred method of contact (website, email, Facebook etc!) to let me know you are interested in a mural. I will discuss with you some details of the mural – size, any ideas about the design, what surface will it be on. The more information you can give me, the better. You can even send me photos of the space, or if you are fairly local we can arrange a time for me to come round and have a look. I can then give you a rough price based on this if. If you are happy to go ahead then we can then agree a date for me to start. Once we have agreed a date, you will need to pay the  50% deposit. On the agreed date I will turn up at your home/business with my trusty bag full of paints and I will begin!
I will bring waterproof sheets with me to cover floors and any nearby non-movable furniture, but please move any large furniture before hand if it will be obstructing the area I need to paint.
Once I have finished the mural, you will pay the remainder of the money and then sit back and enjoy your new work of art!

Preparing for your mural
Please ensure that the area to be painted is easily accessible, i.e. no furniture obstructing it. If your mural is very high up and will require special equipment to reach it, e.g. a scissor lift, then you are responsible for arranging this and covering the cost.
Please ensure that the surface is clean and dry, particularly if the mural will be on a kitchen cabinet as they can get quite dirty.

About the materials
I use quality house hold emulsions from well-known brands as well as acrylic paints to paint my murals. For murals that are on more difficult surfaces, e.g. on doors or kitchen units, I will first prime the surface to create an easier surface for the paint to grip onto. I then paint the mural as normal. If necessary, I will put on a clear top coat on the design to protect it. (Even with a top coat you will still need to be careful with your mural, just as you would with any piece of art).

For murals painted on walls, varnishing is optional. If the mural is indoors in a place where it will not often be touched then varnishing isn’t necessary. However, if the mural is in a place where it may often be touched, for example in a busy restaurant, then I would recommend having it varnished. This should then allow you to gently wipe off any dirty marks using a soft cloth and water without damaging the mural. Do not try and scrub marks off of your mural as this could damage the painting.

Varnishing will be an extra charge which I can factor in to the quote when we discuss your mural.

If you are interested in having your own mural then please fill out the contact form below.
Alternatively you can contact me on 07731374927.
If I am unavailable to answer the phone, please leave a message with your contact details so I can get back to you.
You can also email me at