Playroom Mural – Characters at the Park

I was asked to paint this mural for a playroom in a house. The room used to be a bedroom but was being turned into a playroom and the kids were very excited! They love Alphablocks, Numberblocks, Peppa Pig and other characters. The Mum wanted the characters to be involved in a scene – and mentioned perhaps a park scene. I put this design together, choosing each child’s initials from Alphablocks, and including their other favourite characters.


With this design, as it was predominantly characters, I decided to project the image onto the wall to draw and then paint. I could have drawn the characters free-hand but it would have been much more time-consuming. I paint the background first, as I like to leave the main parts to the end. I worked from top to bottom and painted the sky and clouds first, then moved down to the grass. I then painted the swing and slide, followed by all the characters. For the finishing touches I added small blades of grass around the characters’ feet and at the bottom of the slide and swing so that it looks as if they were standing in the grass rather than floating above it.

The kids would often come and have a look at what I was painting each day that I was there and were excited to see their favourite characters coming to life! This made the job very rewarding, not to mention the hot chocolate and marshmallows provided by the Mum whilst I was working!

I was really pleased with the outcome of this mural and loved seeing the positive reactions of the children, as well as the parents.